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 Spring, time to act!        Zhang Fenglin


----A teacher’s wishes for the new semester


Dear guys,

Glad to meet you all again at the right time and the right place! As we can see, each smiling face is suggesting a psychologically healthy mind and every active figure is indicating a physically healthy body. In a nutshell, you’re all back safe and sound, which serves as the solid foundation and essential guarantee for work and study.


Well, a brand-new semester has started its journey and everyone of us is looking forward to a huge auspicious beginning. But actually, compared with last semester, which was delayed for over two months, due to the pandemic—COVID-19,when all of us had to be grounded at home, this is a lucky semester, when everyone is back on the campus exactly on time, enjoying our usual work and life. We owe our sincere gratitude to the wise policies and leadership of the CPC as well as all the white angels’ painstaking efforts, for which reason we are expected to extraordinarily value every single second of the time we have, which is to be unreservedly devoted to our work and study. Because we are more than aware of the saying, well begun, half done. So long as we are fully concentrated and highly efficient, we will become achievable in the end. Plus, we are quite familiar with another saying, the best time of the day is in the morning and the best season to plan lies in spring. Plus, one more proverb is also ringing in our ears, a missed chance will never return. A glorious history of 5000 years of the Chinese nation has accumulated numerous advisable ancient maxims guiding us as a lighthouse to move forward, avoiding countless detours and setbacks.  


Just like the 24 solar terms, none of which could be missed. Otherwise we would have no food to fill our stomach, remaining starved.As some agricultural proverbs go, right after The Wakening of Insects, in sight are the busy ploughs.Around the corner of the term Qingming comes the time of melon and beans sowing. The end of Grain in Ear means stopping planting of the year. These proverbs do make sense and work, reminding the farmers of the right time to do the right farm work. Any delay can cause irreversible consequences, exposing our life do unimaginable danger and risks. So it is with every second or minute of the valuable time we are spending, which is often taken for granted. It is sensible that we seize and fully utilize every chance available and make it as productive as possible. As the well-known writer Mr. Zhu Ziqing says in his prose Spring: The best season to plan lies in spring, which is the right beginning of the year and there’s more than enough time and aspiration awaiting us.Granted, we do have adequate time to plan and prepare. However, too long time of doing preparations without any practice means nothing but a waste of the valuable time, which should have been treasured and utilized in our life. In this sense, we are supposed not to wait or hesitate but to act and put all our plans into immediate practice for the sake of the preciousness of time. One more proverb goes this way, the spring rain is as precious as oil. It is the same as spring time, which will never ever return once it is gone. We are often reminded that not even a single tablet of the medicine of regret is available in the world. Missing a bus means waiting for another 20 minutes. Nevertheless, missing an opportunity means waiting for a whole life. Time can purchase everything but life,which seems long but actually transient. Possible as it is for a chance to pop up one more time, but life can never be replayed as the plots in the movie. Aspiration is reserved for those who are planned and persistent and success is available only for those who are prepared and diligent.


Act from now without a single bit of hesitation and procrastination while it is still early and we are energetic and while our mind remains fresh and sharp. As we are all clearly aware of, planning ahead is undoubtedly a virtue. The instant our plans are ready, they should be put into reality. Once our goals are set, they are expected to be pursued to the very end until success waves and smiles to us all. Luck merely kisses those with a down-to-earth attitude and those who never stop trying until the goal becomes achievable and fruitful.

Spring represents vitality and vigor. Again, I’d like to quote Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s prose Spring, spring resembles the robust youth equipped with iron arms and feet, leading us straight forward.

You guys are all teenagers, in your very first youth, like the spring birds calling their fellows to join their singing to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Summon your fellow classmates to be lining up as an invincible team, creating a very fresh and auspicious start, always bearing your plans and goals in your mind, keeping working hard and sticking to the very end until you are greeted with success and harvest. I firmly believe that you are all the creators of miracles!












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